Before we start work on your matter, we will provide you with an estimate of our costs and we will explain clearly how and when we will charge you for the work that we do.

Depending on the type of matter that you have, we offer different methods of charging for our work.

Some of the different types of methods for charging legal costs that we offer include:

  1. According to time – charging for the time spent to complete a particular task and ultimately the matter
  2. In accordance with the relevant court scale of costs or Practitioner Remuneration Order
  3. Fixed price – charging an agreed fee for a stage or a task

The costs that are calculated in accordance with any of the above methods may be charged (depending on the type of matter):

  1. On a conditional basis, often referred to as ‘no win, no fee’, where the fee is payable upon the condition of success set out in a costs agreement and disclosure statement
  2. Upfront
  3. Pay as you go – pay at certain stages of your matter
  4. Deferred legal costs – pay upon conclusion of your matter

It is also possible to apply to Victoria Legal Aid (‘VLA’) for ‘grant of legal assistance’ to fund your case in certain circumstances. Having a grant of legal assistance means that VLA will pay us to represent you in your legal case.

We are on several VLA practitioner panels (crime, family law, child protection and family violence) which means that we can apply for a grant of legal assistance on your behalf in one of these areas. Grants can also be provided in other matters such as migration, infringements, and discrimination matters.

VLA funds are limited and there are guidelines that set out the rules about who VLA can fund, dependent on your personal financial circumstances and the merit of your case. Sometimes you may need to pay a contribution to VLA towards your legal fees.

The VLA guidelines change from time to time, so it is important to speak to one of our lawyers to find out if you could qualify for a grant of legal assistance. We can help you with your application for free.

For more information on VLA grants of legal assistance, see the following link: https://www.legalaid.vic.gov.au/get-legal-services-and-advice/get-lawyer-to-run-your-case

We aim to provide transparent information about how we charge legal costs and we pride ourselves on our long-standing history of providing quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

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